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DFW Simulator

Two Weeks Of Driving Simulator Rental at Your Own Home

Two Weeks Of Driving Simulator Rental at Your Own Home

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With a two weeks rental of our driving simulator, you can practice your driving skills in the comfort of your own home. Perfect for those who need extra practice before hitting the road or for those who want to improve their skills, our simulator is a convenient and safe option. We will deliver and install in any city within DFW area free of charge. 

The simulator has 19 different lessons you can practice during this month and here is the list of these lessons: 

1- City Driving with traffic
2- Winding Roads
3- Winding Roads with Traffic
4- Maneuvering Lot
5- Maze with Obstacles
6- Bendy Roads with falling Boulders
7- Roundabout
8- Stop, Yield, Pedestrians, Heavy traffic
9- Changing Lanes and Passing
10- Intersection With Traffic Lights
11- Highway
12- Driving and Parallel Parking
13- Semi-Truck Backing UP
14- Check Your Reaction time
15- Rollover
16- Maintaining your Lane
17- Maintaining your Lane II
18- Police Academy
19- Slalom

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